About Us

Have you ever been so passionate about something, that you thought about it day and night?
Have you ever wanted to make someone so proud, that you strived to do it right?
Amma's Secret was founded by Amma, the late Arumugam Chandra.
What started as a retirement hobby, is today a skincare mantra.
Amma loved coming up with new ideas and new ways.
She never gave up even during her weakest days.
While her passing has left us somber, her undying love we will always remember.
We have rebranded, to show her reverence.
The A as அ and C in Chandra as reference.
We want to continue what she started, for we know that she would be delighted.
We hope Amma's Secret satiates your desire for natural skincare.
We assure you it's a good way to take care of your welfare.
Have you ever been so passionate about something that wasn't yours to begin with?
Have you ever come to realize that it's the best thing you ever did?